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Hospice Care

Pet hospice allows our patients to live in comfort and dignity after a terminal diagnosis is given.  Hospice provides a support network for the family as well.  Our goal is to set up a treatment plan that supports the patient's and family's needs until the end of the patient's life.  Terminal illness and the dying process have a great impact on the entire family, and we help guide the family thru the process.  Hospice gives the family meaningful time to say good-bye to their family member and plan for their death.  We provide as much or as little support as the family needs to work their way thru the process.

Hospice Care Services

  • Set up end-of-life plan
  • Provide emotional support for the family members
  • Maintain quality of life for the patient
  • Educate caregivers about pain management and quality of life
  • Help make end of life decisions
  • Provide in home euthanasia service
  • Provide access to cremation services
  • Help family cope after the loss